Party Packages Wilmington

Welcome to Jazzy’s Party Rentals & Decorations in Wilmington, NC! If you are planning a party or event check out our awesome Party Packages Wilmington. We have a great selection of Inflatable Rentals, Tent Rentals, Table Rentals, Chair Rentals, Linen Rentals, & Decorations. We bring our great event rentals to all kinds of events and parties.Party Packages Wilmington

Inflatable Rentals

Bounce House Rentals are great for entertaining a large group of kids and even some adults. We have a large Obstacle Course Rental that is perfect for large events that will have people racing to line up for their turn. These large courses are great for big events because there are so many inflatable elements to keep the kids entertained. There will be ducking, dodging, climbing, and bouncing. Right in the middle of the course is a GIANT bounce house for kids to bounce and play!

Tent Rentals

Tents look great set up at parties and events in Wilmington! We have a great selection of tents that makes choosing the right one fun and easy. The Classic Tent is a large rectangle that is 20X30 that is great for many different kinds of events and parties. This large tent rental is perfect for hosting a small dinner party. Our High Peak Tent will give your party or event a more dramatic look with its fun peak right in the middle. This is a great wedding tent rental.  Check out these Tent Decor ideas!

Chair RentalsChair Rentals

This is one of our most popular party rentals because everyone needs a place to sit. When you are throwing a party or event with a large group of people it’s important to have a place for them to rest. We have white Folding Chairs that are casual and great for parties. If you are planning a more elegant event like a shower, wedding, or graduation; we have the white Resin Chairs that look wonderful setup.

Linen Rentals

Linen Rentals look great draped over tables to really pull together the theme of your event or to cover a plain white table. We also have Floor Linens that look wonderful on the floor to give your event a special look.

Jazzy’s Party Rentals & Decorations wants to work with the community of Wilmington when they are planning any special events or parties. We work hard to create a stress-free experience where you feel taken care of. Contact Us today to learn about our Party Packages Wilmington.

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